How to Order a Premade Cover

Once you have decided on a cover, please contact me with the following information (subject – Premade Cover Order):

  • Cover Picked
  • Author Name
  • Title
  • Your e-mail

If the cover is still available, I will get back to you and we will begin the purchasing process. Please read the FAQ below prior to contacting me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of payment service do you use? PayPal. After you’ve claimed a cover and I’ve gotten back to you about its availability, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. When that is paid, I will release the final cover to you. When filling out the form above, please send me your PayPal e-mail if different than your usual e-mail.

Do you sell these more than once? No. Once a cover is purchased, it will be taken down and never offered again. It will become exclusive to the buyer. However, keep in mind that I cannot control who else may use the stock images I used on their own cover. Stock websites are available to all. But the design I create will be exclusively yours.

What all is included in the price? Price includes cover and commercial-use license. Any changes an author wants made—other than the title and name being amended to theirs, of course—will cost an extra fee.

What size are the covers offered? All covers are sized 1400 x 2100. I’ve used this for all my own covers and it has been accepted by all major retailers (Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc) without trouble.

Do you offer print-ready covers? At the moment, no. All of these are sized specifically for e-book covers. If you would like to speak about a custom order for print (paperback/hardback), please contact me.

Why do the prices vary? A few factors are involved: the time and labor spent on the specific cover (some take more time than others), the cost of stock image(s) used, and any other elements needed to create the look (fonts, textures, etc).

Do you offer discounts? No. Unless it’s a series cover bundle (and this will be obvious), prices are as stated. These were created to offer an affordable alternative to some of the bigger priced sites, so discounting them further is unfair to me as a designer. Please refrain from haggling.

Must I give you credit? I would appreciate it greatly, but I won’t force you.

How can I give you credit? A small line on the copyright page of your book ( Cover designed by Teresa Conner | ) and/or a mention on your website or social media so that others may find me. I will also add the final cover—when the author gives me the green light—to my design portfolio with a link back to the author, as well as giving a shout-out about the release of your book on my own social media.