Coaching & Mentoring

With 4+ years’ combined experience in creative writing (speculative/urban fantasy, romance, and erotica), blogging, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, and content writing, as well as being a published author myself, I have a growing plethora of experience to share.

Have a project you’d like to hire me for or merely have questions? Contact me.

Services Offered: Creative Writing

Critique: This centers around reading your manuscript and giving feedback in the form of overviewing the major issues within it. This does not include any form of editing or proofreading. Cost: $8 for every 1,000 words.

Brainstorming: This includes being a sounding board for your ideas and helping you turn disorganized notes or thoughts into a cohesive outline. Cost: $13 per every agreed-upon hour.

Self-Publishing Marketing: This focuses on helping you devise a plan for the launch of your book and/or putting together your author brand. I will share all the tips and ideas I’ve coalesced through my own publishing journey and research as well as my experience working for an author’s estate, open the floor to your questions, etc. Cost: $13 per every agreed-upon hour.

Love Scene Coaching: This entails going over the sex scenes within your writing and helping you whip them into shape—avoiding purple prose, fixing the pacing, etc. Cost: $13 per every agreed-upon hour.

Services Offered: Bloggers and Business Owners

Social Media and/or WordPress Training: This will include walking you through basic operations as well as answering any of your questions. Cost: $13 per every agreed-upon hour.